SEAL Program

Bass Coast College runs a Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program across years 7, 8 and 9. Students are accelerated in the five core subjects of English, Humanities, Japanese, Mathematics and Science.

From 2022 onwards, a SEAL class will operate for Year 7 at both the Dudley and San Remo Campuses.

The aims of our program are:

  • To provide education of a high quality which recognises and responds to the specific differences and needs of high achievers.
  • To provide a caring and responsive context in which students can learn.
  • To maximize the achievements of very able students, nurturing their intellectual and other potentials.

In the Middle School SEAL students remain in a distinct class for their core subjects; English, Humanities, Maths, Science and Japanese. Beyond these core subjects, students have the opportunity to select electives of interest and mix with students not in the SEAL program.

Supporting Students

All teachers are available to assist students with any extra help that is required in particular subjects or topics. A homework/help room is open every lunchtime for SEAL students to work in. This is a computer room and is staffed by SEAL teachers. Many students take advantage of this room to catch up on work, do research or seek help from their teachers.

Students are offered an A3 planner each term, where they can set up their study timetable to also include out of school activities. This aims to teach the students time management strategies, so that they can achieve a successful school-life balance; preparing them for their future studies as their schooling progresses. A booklet on study tips and techniques is also made available to all SEAL students.


SEAL Student Options For VCE

All Bass Coast College students receive individual course counselling at the end of Years 9, 10 and 11. Select Entry Accelerated Learning students have a number of options available to them. When SEAL students reach Year 10 they will undertake at least one VCE subject as part of their Year 10 course. A range of options for selecting an individually chosen accelerated VCE program will be available.

Nominations Process

Prospective students will need to fill out a nomination form and email it to: – Dudley Campus

OR – San Remo Campus 

Further information and the nomination form can be accessed from the child’s Primary School, Bass Coast College or by clicking on the following links below.


SEAL Coordinator

Dudley Campus

Lauren Kenny: 

Important Dates

Applications due: Friday June 22st 2024
SEAL Testing: Week beginning August 12th 2024
Interviews: Week Beginning September 2nd 2024
Notification of acceptance into program: Early Term 4 2024

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