San Remo Campus

Bass Coast College Years  7 to 9

The new San Remo Campus at 85 Potters Hill Road, San Remo, is a modern, state-of-the-art, engaging and challenging learning environment for our Year 7, 8 and 9 students. The Campus currently has an enrolment of approximately 360 students.

 Completed in 2021, the San Remo Campus caters for students in the Phillip Island, San Remo, Westernport Waterline and Anderson regions of the Bass Coast. Brand new facilities, a “green-field” site and a modern, diverse curriculum provide the widest possible personal, academic and practical experiences for all of our students.

San Remo Campus facilities include;

  • a ‘Welcome and Wellbeing Centre’, which consists of administration and library spaces and reflects the importance of holistic student development with strong wellbeing support
  • a learning base and innovation neighbourhood consisting of classroom spaces that are innovative and adaptable
  • a specialist building where science, technology and design learning takes place in a collaborative setting
  • a community and health building, which consists of a performing arts and physical education area (which includes an indoor play court), and a food technology space and canteen, which can be accessible for local community events
  • a fully equipped and well maintained oval
  • 4 plexi-pave outdoor play courts

With the official opening of the campus in 2022, we are very excited to begin this next chapter for the College. The new campus will help us build continuous improvement and prepare students for a successful senior education and a happy and healthy life beyond school.

Campus Leadership Team

Campus Principal
Emma Harris

Campus Asst Principal
Andrew Hay

Campus Manager / Daily Organiser
Nick Sibly

Yr7 Coordinators
Andrew Hay
Rachel Costello

Yr8 Coordinators
Antonio Castello
Remi D’Agostin

Yr9 Coordinators
Claire O’Brien
Iain Balmer

Learning Specialists
Megan McDonald
Lauren Lees

A&I Coordinator
Kirsty Hart 

Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Chabrelle Chisholm

Office Manager
Lisa Embury

Julie-Anne Trease