Generally, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a two-year course for most students. Most students select their entire program at the end of Year 10. It is reasonable to expect that not all students will go through VCE with the program that they originally selected. For many, changes will need to be made. It is important to note however, that the College needs to be able to timetable the VCE in two-year cycles and that every attempt will be made to honour pledges made to students as to what they can expect to do in their second year.
Students are required to undertake a program of 22 units over a period of two years. Students have to do a minimum of four Units 3 and 4 sequences at Year 12, which involve compulsory School Assessed Tasks (SATs), School Assessed Coursework (SACs) and exams. Students who are contemplating tertiary studies are advised to do no fewer than five Units 3 and 4 sequences. The College strongly recommends that students do 12 units in Year 11 and 10 units in Year 12. We believe that this will prove the best arrangement for the majority of students but particularly for those who intend to apply for tertiary entrance.
The course selection process is be conducted in a careful and comprehensive manner. It involves students having close contact with their Industry and Enterprise teacher as well as other members of staff, the VCE Coordinator, the VET Coordinator, the Pathways Coordinators and relevant Year Level Coordinators. The process involves lessons, interviews and the Senior Programs Information Evening.
Students and parents should also pay careful attention to the course work requirements for each unit so that there is no confusion as to what has to be done.The VCE demands that students are committed and well organised. Deadlines must be met because the prospect of students falling behind irretrievably is very real. This point cannot be emphasised enough.

– Tuesday 1st August Parent Information evening – Wonthaggi Arts Centre at 6:30pm
– Friday 18th August subject selections are CLOSED online

How to select your Year 11 subjects

After you have watched the how to video below, visit the edval webpage to select your subjects/electives.

Before you enter edval you are required to retrieve your web code that has been sent to your student email.