This year Bass Coast College sub school team is excited to welcome students into year 9. The upcoming year will be one that challenges students to move outside of their comfort zone to find their own best personal growth.Outside of the classroom, this will be achieved through extra curricula activities such as camps and day trips which focus on respectful relationships and leadership skills. The year 9 cohort of 2022 will embark on a new camps program that will create better access and more opportunity for all students than previously provided at the junior campuses.
The year 9 cohort has the opportunity to be leaders among our school junior campuses.This provides students with the opportunity to be junior school leaders, peer support leaders or house captains.The college also provide additional leadership opportunities such as being selected to attend the Snowy River Leadership Camp for a term. Within the school we challenge year 9 students to envisage the types of healthy relationships that create a healthy community, and we facilitate the growth of our year 9 cohort role modelling these behaviours within our school and community.
Students of year 9 will embark on careers focus during their academic year. This will be started by a Morris by Career portfolio being created for each student. This will lead into career counselling sessions for each student that will flow into their subject selection and pathway coordination leading into year 10.Interested students will also have the opportunity to start some work experience opportunities through the Headstart program.
Our picturesque geographical landscape allows our College to have opportunities that link our year 9 students to the community and environment.
It’s not uncommon to see our students out in the surf at Inverloch or paddling a canoe along Powlett River within our recreational activities program, or down at the Wonthaggi wetlands completing a practical experiment during science. The students will also have opportunities to improve and shape our environment during tree planting and coast clean up days. We look forwards to getting to know all students throughout this year of learning.