During Terms 3 and 4, Year 9 students will be counselled regarding their selections for 2023. You will need to discuss your subject selection with your Parents/Guardians, the Year 10 Coordinator and the Year 10 Pathways Coordinator. The Year 9 Level Coordinators and subject teachers are also important contacts in deciding your Year 10 subjects.
An extensive array of subjects are available to you. Please take your time and choose wisely. Careful planning and purposeful selection of subjects is important.
Advanced units are offered to students who have studied Advanced Middle School units (some of these advanced units are offered as VCE subjects). Year 10 students may (where subjects are available) study a VCE VET subject as part of their Year 10 program. The opportunity to undertake such studies is dependent on academic performance, student work ethic and teacher recommendation. If you perform well In Units 1&2, you may be sufficiently prepared to study a VCE Units 3&4 (Year 12) subject in 2024. Many students have done this successfully in previous years. This arrangement may increase your chances of entry into tertiary education programs, as ideally you will have completed six VCE Units 3&4 subjects instead of the usual five subjects by the end of Year 12.

How to select your Year 10 subjects

After you have watched the how to video below, visit the edval webpage to select your subjects/electives.